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    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Slouch Boot Revolution: My silly thoughts.

    Ok, so I'm seeing Uggs and slouch boots everywhere! At first I hated them especially the Uggs when they first came out like 2 years ago. "Ugg-ly!" is all I could say. Slouch boots reminded me too waaay too much of the 80's. Then.... they began to grow on me. ALOT!!!! Uggs and all. And I'll admit I caved and bought an awesome pair of black leather slouch boots today (Did I mention they are awesome?!). And I'm really hoping I'm cool enough to pull them off...not so sure yet.

    I got home and started to think about WHY & WHEN this shoe suddenly started to make a comeback...

    Then, it hit me:

    Beginning of the slouch boot revolution.

    Who woulda thought?!
    Thanks Napoleon!


    Anonymous said...

    absolutely hilarious! I think if Napoleon is cool enough to pull them off you can too.

    p.s. this is whitney

    Renee said...

    I think the slouch boots where the top folds down look like pirate boots haha. but I have seen a lot of people wear them lately.

    I also thought Uggs were the ulgiest shoes on earth. I got my hair cut yesterday and everyone in the shop was wearing them and they said they are the only shoes comfortable enough to wear while standing all day long and very cosy too! Makes me want to get a pair now but it seems people are wearing them with skinny jeans or leggings both of which I haven't quite warmed up to yet.