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    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Slouch Boot Revolution: My silly thoughts.

    Ok, so I'm seeing Uggs and slouch boots everywhere! At first I hated them especially the Uggs when they first came out like 2 years ago. "Ugg-ly!" is all I could say. Slouch boots reminded me too waaay too much of the 80's. Then.... they began to grow on me. ALOT!!!! Uggs and all. And I'll admit I caved and bought an awesome pair of black leather slouch boots today (Did I mention they are awesome?!). And I'm really hoping I'm cool enough to pull them off...not so sure yet.

    I got home and started to think about WHY & WHEN this shoe suddenly started to make a comeback...

    Then, it hit me:

    Beginning of the slouch boot revolution.

    Who woulda thought?!
    Thanks Napoleon!